Versatility Award

The BSDCC Versatility Award is currently being updated, and we need all of our BSDCC members feedback!

We are looking at expanding the list of sports which will qualify a dog for the awards.
Currently, we include Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Herding, Agility, Draft (?) and "Chase Ability". List at the bottom of this page.
We are hoping to include Canadian titles recognized by nationally accredited clubs.

Please email BSDCC's Versatility Award Committee Chair, Susi Wilson, at with the names of the 
recognized national sports in which you have, or would like to participate in, that you think would merit points in the Versatility award system for consideration.

Please find below the current regulations:

  1. All applicants must be the owner or co-owner of the dog and must have been a member of BSDCC National Club for at least 1 year.

  2. The applicant must be a member in the year for which the award is being applied for.

  3. These awards are open to all registered Belgian Shepherd Dogs who meet the requirements and apply for the award. It is not necessary to apply the same year the titles are earned; applications will be accepted at any time.

  4. The dog must be alive on Jan1, of the year in which the award is applied for.

  5. Owners are responsible for keeping track of their accomplishments and copies of certificates/scorebooks must be submitted to the 'committee' for verification. Certificates of achievement will be given out/acknowledged at the National Show each year and listed in the newsletter as part of the Specialty report.

  6. The points allocated for titles in any one discipline should not be totaled. The highest points, applicable to the highest title obtained in that discipline, will be the points counted.

  7. AKC titles will be counted as the CKC equivalent but submissions must include at least one CKC title.

  8. The Versatility Belgian (VB) is not a prerequisite for the Versatility Belgian Intermediate (VBI) or a Versatility Belgian Intermediate is not a prerequisite for the Versatility Belgian Excellent (VBX). A dog meeting the criteria for the Versatility Dog Excellent (titles in a minimum of 5 disciplines, and a minimum of 35 points), may be awarded the Versatility Dog Excellent immediately.

  9. Additions and revisions to the award criteria may be made at any time by the Versatility Award Committee of the BSDCC.

  10. Versatility Belgian: BSD must have earned titles in 3 of 7 disciplines compiling a minimum of 10 points.

  11. Versatility Belgian Intermediate: BSD must have earned titles in 4 of 7 disciplines compiling a minimum of 20 points.

  12. Versatility Belgian Excellent: BSD must have earned titles in 5 of 7 disciplines compiling a minimum of 35 points, must include one of the following: Ch, OTCH, RCh, TCh, HCh, AGM and must include a Herding Title.

  13. Any club member who feels their dog has achieved a Versatility title must submit proper documentation, consisting of a copy of the title or award certificates received, to the Versatility awards Committee.

For the application form: click here