Scent Detection

A fun event open to all dogs to enjoy the challenge of locating a scent and communicating with their handler that the scent has been located. The trial is done in a variety of environments allowing a dog to use their strongest natural sense. 

How it Works:
There are five classes, starting with the entry-level “instinct” class, and in ascending order the novice, open, excellent, and master classes. Each class tests the dog’s ability at a new, more challenging level, encouraging greater perseverance and focus on fine-tuning of olfactory senses. The scent source may be within a container - the only option for the instinct level - interior of a building, or exterior - the great outdoors!

Dogs will be divided into height divisions within the classes based on the height indicated on the entry form. Titles are awarded upon the dog acquiring the required number of qualifying scores within the class entered.

How to Get Started:
You can start by watching a demo test in our Scent Detection Videos, but the best way to learn about dog sports is to try it for yourself! Join a Scent Detection Sanction Match - a friendly competition for any one to come and learn how to take part.  Try it out at at any of the locations below. Signing up for a Sanction Match is easy - in most cases all you have to do is show up on event day! Contact the host club for full registration and event details.

» More information and videos on the CKC website: