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Welcome to the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada's National Web site

FMBB Agility World Team

A new opportunity to compete with Belgian Shepherds in Agility at the World level!
The Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada is excited to announce the creation of its Agility World Team Committee, that will select the dog-handler teams to represent Canada at the FMBB World Championships, in collaboration with the Canadian Working Dog Federation (CWBSA). The BSDCC AWT committee consists of Seanna O'Neill, Eleanor Heagy, and Cindy Bazin.


Board elections

The 2017 nominations closed on November 15th.
By acclamation the club's executive for the next two year term (terminating December 31, 2019) is as follows:
  • President: Cindy Bazin
  • Vice President: Ann Vossen
  • Treasurer: Irene Gamble
  • Secretary: Wendi Daechsel
  • Directors: Del Beaulacs and Joanne Davidson
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