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BSDCC Newsletter Dates & Rates

Beginning with the next issue of our Newsletter, we will be introducing themes for each issue.

For these issues, we will accept page themed ads at a reduced rate of $30.00.

Deadlines (publication dates approximately 6 weeks after deadline)

February 1 Spring issue . .
May 1 Summer issue . .
August 1 Specialty / Fall issue . .
November 1 Winter issue . .

Advertising Rates (No change in rates)

Front Cover, with 1/2 page story on inside cover $65
Back Cover $60
Centrefold $100
Full Page $50
Half Page $40
Half Page Themed $30

Note: Covers and centrefold sold by confirmed reservation

Payment by PayPal (service fee included in the price):


Non-members add $10/ad (covers not available).

Centrefold (Non Member) $110
Full Page (Non Member) $60
Half Page (Non Member) $50
Half Page Themed (Non Member) $40

Payment by PayPal by Non-members (service fee included in the price):


Terms: Payment Non refundable after deadline dates

All ads must be pre-paid. Send cheques for newsletter advertising (payable to BSDCC - Newsletter) to Treasurer. Advertisers are responsible for their own statements. Acceptable formats for submission are PDF or Word. Ads in hardcopy also accepted.

Please note that for best photo reproduction, digital pictures should be taken at high resolution or fine. When scanning a minimum of 300 dpi. Original photos, if mailed, will be returned.

Kodak's top 10 tips for good photography

The Best Resolution for Print

What is 300dpi and how do I get that resolution? Most new digital camera's come with either a TIFF setting or a RAW setting. When you shoot your picture in either of the modes your camera records all the information in the picture and it will print out sharper. Read this article RAW vs JPEG for a more acurate understanding.